How to Choose Best Hosting Provider in 2020

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Are you confused to choose “Best Hosting Provider “?

Are you Overloaded with too much of Suggestions and Information on Internet?

Are you looking for simple yet powerful Hosting Provider ?

 Are you confused to choose ” Best Hosting Provider” for ” My Business Needs”

Hello Friends,

Don’t Worry ! Like You there are several people who are browsing internet to find “Best Hosting Provider. Well In this Blog i will help you to know basic things and I shall focus on “Key Parameters” to  look before making final  decision.

Ground Knowledge

Basically there are 3 types of hosting available  

1. Shared Hosting: As per name suggests, you share the same server with several other people and websites. It’s the perfect type for the beginners. It’s cost-effective, uncomplicated and suitable to host a personal website or a blog or a startup website. You can move to a better option once your needs demand it.

2. VPS hosting: It stands for Virtual Private Server. It’s a virtual server in an actual server. You get more control and better space than the shared hosting. It gives you flexibility when you’re growing fast.

3.Dedicated hosting: it’s the most expensive one. But, gives you top-notch hardware, managed services, dedicated IP and around the clock support.


2 Step Formula !

Step 1 Understand Your Need  ?

Now to choose one you need to know which type of website you are going to build, you can use 3 step Process 

Blog : You can choose shared hosting, as initially there will be less traffic and as on when required you can upgrade 

Shop: You need to choose e-commerce hosting provider as it comes with inbuilt  feature where you can opt in for specific templates, payment gateways and product listing features 

Personal Site/ Work Portfolio : You can choose cheapest shared hosting with low investment 

Business Website : You need to consider all aspects of your business, products, security of information, probabely you don’ t need to rush for migration if you face any problem . Its the most complex decision usvally made with the help of IT Teams and Management Intervention


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Step 2 Choose Hosting Provider !

There are several Hosting Providers available in market, however you need to consider most important factors in consideration.

Lets see What are the Key Parameters 

Customer Review 

You need to check for what people are saying about particular hosting provider, well don’t judge only on customer reviews ONLY as personal experience would be different for different users. Check for multiple forums. Check this out  CNET Review

Uptime Guarantee 

Don’t settle  for anything less than 99% , People becomes vocal when website dosen’t work 

Storage and Bandwidth 

There is no such thing as “Unlimited Bandwidth” most of the servise providers claim for it but its not reality, find out more information about Real Storage as it matters for Page Load time matrix 

Prices for Signup and Renewal 

Most hosting providers shows carrot for attracting customers at Cheap Price however , you must look for renewal cost . If you have money its most advisable to invest for atleast for a year or two


Can you upgrade for a better plan tomorrow ? also is it flexible to migrate from one provider to other if you need to .Check for pre-sales and post sales support . You will never know if situations become worst, how flexible service you will receive


Timely and quality service is much appreciated, as its technology and its not cup of every ones tea. You can check for support related complaints Look for 24×7 Support 

Well, That’s all.

Go and check the hosting offers out there. Find someone who fits your requirements and satisfies other criteria, your ideal hosting partner, signup with them. I would recommend you to Signup for Hostinger . Trust Me I have been using it and my personal experience is Awesome! 



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