How to Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Hello Friends,

Many people think that driving traffic to blog is very difficult , In this blog post you will learn how to drive traffic to your blog if you know how to generate ROI from the traffic you generate.

What Does Traffic to Your Website Mean ?

Web Traffic

You have something Remarkable ?

Something worthy of Users Attention ?

Solution to Problem ?

Traffic Needs to Pay for Itself

Traffic = Attention 

Attention = Users will buy something from you 

Thought Experiment ( Think Think Think ?)

What if I give you Rs 1,00,000 and ask you to invest to generate traffic for your website?

You may invest it in various things such as design , content creation , advertisement, writing blogs, etc 

At end are you sure about your spend will give you desired traffic which will generate ROI ?

There is no such thing as ” Free Traffic”, you need to invest time, money , energy in content creation to get traffic . If you cant generate ROI through traffic you can’t keep on doing what you do . If you can generate ROI – traffic creation would not be a problem


Traffic Problem or Funnel Problem ?

Well generating traffic is not a problem, many people focus on generating traffic and not on “Audience Funnel Stages” . You need to understand stages and focus on Audience Buying Journey Experience 

Stages of Audience Interaction 

1) Brand Awareness & Attention

2) First Interaction

3) Repeat Interaction 

4) Optin( Push, Social Media etc)

5) Email Optin

6) Lead

7) First Buyer

8) Repeat Buyer

9) Brand Advocate 

The ultimate Goal is to build a brand for long term benefits ,initially if your products or company is new to market, you must focus on each stage , at end the ultimate buyer may remain attached to your brand if you offer something worthy at best affordable price and may turn into repeat customer if his buying experience was good.

Whats Next?

Think about Long Term Brand Building 

Think about Products and Services you can sell through your blog

Think about Visitors Interaction Journey ” Funnel Stages”

Develop Trust 

Think about Buyers Persona 

Analyse Digital Behaviour 

Think about Buying Experience 

 You could try multiple tactics but this works best if you focus on it

 So go out there and get started!



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