The Next Big Thing: User Experience in SEO

User Experience in SEO

How Does UX affects SEO

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There is a common misconception about SEO, some marketers say its all about On-Page & Off-Page SEO. Though these are vital aspects of your strategy, nowadays, SEO goes far beyond them.

Google considers a plethora of factors that affect SEO, as over the period, Google algorithms have become stringent, User Experience is considered as crucial ranking factor

User Experience Elements have been rolled into SEO practices.

  • Is your site fast, secure, and user-friendly?
  • Does your content engages users and help them to stay on your website? 
  • Is your website is quick to load and user friendly to navigate?

These elements are considered by Google and other search engines when determining how to rank your website. 

Why UX is Important in SEO

Search Engines are getting smarter. They are focusing on User Intent and Experience rather than just focusing on your SEO Optimisation Strategies.

Simply If your website doesn’t serve the purpose of visitors, it will become tough for you to get further user actions in the long run. Eventually, it will give rise to the Bounce Rate!

Googles New Algorithm: Page Experience 


Somewhere around in May 2020, Google has announced that the new algorithm focused on-page experience will come.


Don’t worry your page ranking will not suffer as its just an announcement!



What is Page Experience?

 It measures how users will percive the experience of interacting with web pages . Optimising these factors will make web visitors more delightful across all browsers and will help websites to generate smooth user experience 


In short, they are looking for Awesome User Experience!



How Page Experience will Affect Search Ranking ?

Google will be combining the signals derived from core web vitals with existing search signals for unique page experience, it will include 

This will provide holistic picture of page experience .


The following signals are important to provide unique page experience, Google has stated that not singlefactor but combined effect of all these factors will affect User Experience & Search Rankings 


The Role of User Experience in SEO, In short, is to give users satisfying answers for what they are looking for and engage them for long term to enhance overall buying/transactional behavior 



Page Experience

User Engagement Metrics that Matters !

here are specific essential metrics that may help you analyze initial user behavior on your website, these are essential yet straightforward metrics.

1) Bounce Rate: This metric will help you analyze users’ interest in your content, higher the bounce rate lesser is the user engagement on your page. Ideally, it should be around 25 to 40% 

2) Session Duration: It determines the average time spent by the user on your webpage, higher the time is right for user engagement 

Essential SEO practices that influence UX

It is essential to understand the standard SEO and content practices that influence UX:

  • Image tags and headings are important. These tags provide details when the images dont load, ensuring the user receives a similar UX irrespective of whether there is a picture. Headers help improve page readability.
  • Creating page copy over 600 words is essential to ensure it is in-depth and answers user questions.
  • Mobile-friendliness is critical, as mobile makes up 52.2 percent of the market share. In fact, it crosseddesktop in terms of total worlds Internet usage past in 2016.
  • Page speed plays a vital role. Npbody wants to wait two seconds for a page to load. The Internet is supposed to be about convenience. 

Strategies to Get the UX Right ?

Hopefully, now you have got a better understanding of Why User Experience is Must Do Thing for SEO 

1) Align your UX and SEO Strategy: You need to ensure that implementation of both things go hand in hand since beginning > think from the user perspective, do user behavior testing before making final layouts of webpages 

2) Responsive Web Design: Focus on responsiveness as at present, users are consuming content through mobile devices. Keep eyes on for Mobile-Friendly designs/templates 

3) Simple Navigations: Be it is one page or internal page linking, user flow should be consistent at each page, check for domestic link building and page-building strategies

4) Check for Basic SEO Audits: As google consider all Technical factors for ranking, ensure that everything is in a place like headings, meta tags, H1, H2, etc., backlinks, etc. 

When it comes to ranking your website, there is no denying that User Experience is one of the most critical factors. If you want to increase your online visibility and ultimately boost your conversion rate, you need to align your UX and SEO strategy.

Final Words !

Thus User Experience will be Key Ranking Factor for Upcoming Days, I hope this Blog post is worth for reading !

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